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    1. Thank you for your inquiry. The mask is not yet ready for sale, I still have to make moulds of it. I am expecting to sell it for £30 plus p&p.

        1. It’s about 43USD + about 14USD Shipping.
          I’ll try and get it moulded as soon as possible but work has been full on, so I don’t want to rush it. You’ll be the first to know the moment it is ready.
          Kind Regards

  1. I apologize I have one last question. This mask is meant to be worn? And what is the material it is made of.
    Sorry for all the questions . Your work is outstanding!

    1. Thank you. Your questions are very welcome. The mask will be made from soft latex rubber. It can be worn. There will be elastic to keep it tight to the head and it can be worn with a wig or hood. The mask will be supplied in a choice of colours but the default colour may be dark almost black skin with bone colour horns and a red tongue.

    1. Hi Summer, so sorry. I’ve not been able to reply with a definite date of availability beforehand, but this week I’m hoping to finish the next stage of the moulding. If all goes well the mask should be ready by the end of the month.

  2. Thank you!!! I am still patiently as possible waiting! Lol
    I saw you had a Facebook.
    I had track down this feed . So if possible I would like to send you a message In Messenger.
    Thank you again ,

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