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Robot/Terminator Style Eye Patch




Re-usable soft latex eye Patch . Apply to the skin with Spirit Gum/Mastic (not included).

The prosthetic is slip cast latex. It is of uniform thickness. Only the edge is glued where it sits flat to the skin. This edge is not feathered but it can be concealed using latex or a combination of latex and thickener. Normal spirit gum is suitable to apply the prosthetic, and any water-based face paint, or even alcohol based can be used to paint it. If the prosthetic is to be used under hot stage lighting or in conditions where a grease paint is preferred, use oil based cream make up after the latex has been coated with caster sealer, alternatively use rubber mask grease paint which is specially formulated with extra oil added to it. It is much easier to pre-paint the prosthetic prior to fitting. The prosthetic can be re-used multiple times. It may be necessary to trim the edge to fit. It can be cleaned with gum removers and/or soap and warm water.

How to paint up an unpainted version – Metallic finish achieved using a PAX paint of Pros-Aide/Pro-Adhesive mixed with black artists acrylic paint, with either Humbrol enamel silver or artists acrylic silver dry-brushed over. Then a PAX paint of Pros-Aide/Pro-Adhesive mixed with darkened red artists acrylic paint applied around edge of skin. Caucasian flesh colour is colour of the latex you will receive and is not painted. The edge can be concealed using latex. Make up should be applied over skin and prosthetic to conceal the edge. Additional blood – sprayed, splattered or dribbled on recommended after fitting.

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Weight 0.04 kg
Dimensions 25 × 20 × 0.5 cm


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